Laura Clark is a Canadian photo-based Visual Artist who lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

Since graduating from Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in 2006, she has combined her passion for photography with her interest in people to create images that observe, expose and tell stories about how we relate to our world. Clark’s artistic practice focuses on the fleeting existence of time and space from moment to moment. By exploring the remnants left behind, her images reveal change and transformation that takes place to shape thought, recollections, and surroundings.

Clark has extensively exhibited across the Lower Mainland. In 2008, she received Carole Badgley Emerging Artist Award for her work exhibited as part of the DisCOVEry Exhibit: The World in a Grain of Sand at Seymour Art Gallery and one of her recent body of work, Remnants, has been represented as a solo exhibition at Places des Arts in 2021.

Clark has recently introduced a one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry collection of wearable art as well. Just like her photography, her jewelry reflects her interest in the preservation of feelings and memories - converting the intangible to the tangible.