Laura Clark is a Canadian photographer who lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

Since graduating from Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, Clark has combined her passion for photography with her graphic design studies to create images that observe, expose and tell stories about how we relate to our world.

Influenced by her community development work in Solomon Islands, Thailand and Kenya, as well as her on-going travels, Clark’s photography looks at how diverse social and cultural practices influence the way people live.

Continually examining the constructs of societies and self, Clark’s images reflect her interest in how we choose, individually and collectively, to physically and emotionally occupy environments now or in the past.

Often capturing traces and evidence of human presence while observing the human landscape, Clark is particularly fascinated with what spaces tell us about the lives of people when people, themselves, may be absent.

Clark has exhibited across the Lower Mainland and her work is included in several private collections.