Death is a transition rather than a finality. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all life and the cyclical nature of existence. Perennial encourages a deeper understanding and acceptance of the natural flow of life, where energy and consciousness persist in forms beyond physical boundaries. All the while, familiar sounds and tangible objects offer moments to pause, explore nostalgia, and navigate loss. Through contemplation, we find that death is not an ending but a continuation of existence. Transcendence from one form to another beyond the physical realm is a personal affirmation of life.

Clark’s work explores flowers in the occasions of life and death - in celebration, memory, and in mourning. Flowers are reminders and remnants, a memento, of lives once lived. She creates art to capture and preserve the essence of being in these moments. This is a way to hold onto and embrace time. As with all that lives, flowers will come to an end in time, but perhaps not all is lost. Even with the eventual decay of the flowers, the beauty, sentiment and purpose still remains. Time is not forgotten.

Isaac Forsland is an emerging multidisciplinary artist and video-centric freelancer, whose work is deeply rooted in capturing diverse perspectives that reflect the essence of everyday experiences. With a primary focus on Super8 and 16mm film, Forsland's artistic practice centres around the use of found footage, eco-developing, and direct animation techniques.

Isaac and Laura have been collaborating on artworks for over a year now. Despite their distinct artistic mediums, the two find much of their creative overlap when it comes to flower-based materials. As a result, plant matter has become a central theme in their collaborative endeavours. Their combined exploration of film and floral elements unveils a harmonious narrative that speaks to a personal yet universal human experience, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound relationship of stillness in life and death.